MARS Robotics
Autopilot Version 3.0


MARS Autopilot V3.0 is a high performance board, can be used in wide range for unmanned systems specially and many others systems (like: data logging, and systems controlling ...).

MARS Autopilot V3.0 has a lot of capability and can be used under rigged area, it’s also has a high performance processor from Analog Device (BF548), the Main advantages for using this processor that we have built a MATLAB toolbox, its support many peripheral (like: DIO, UART, SPI, PWM, CAN,..).

MARS Autopilot V3.0, has its own IMU and GPS module also others sensor and wireless communication module.



 - High Accurate 3-Axis Angular Rate (±150deg/sec) and Acceleration (±2g)

 - Measurement.

 - Onboard Air data Unit.

 - Input Voltage: (9.5-26) Vdc.

 - Output Voltage: (3.3v-5A ,5v-5A ,9v-1A and X-5A) dc.

 - Efficient Switching Power Regulator.

 - Efficient Low Dropout Regulator.

 - Battery’s Voltage Monitor.

 - Up to 533Mhz Processor (CM-BF548), 32Mbyte SDRAM and 8Mbyte FLASH.

 - Up to 65Mhz auxiliary Processor.

 - 2-CAN PORTs.

 - 6-UARTS Ports.

 - Onboard Servo Power Unit.

 - Onboard 16bit ADC.

 - 10 Timers (For PWM and Capture Mode).

 - Onboard GPS Module.

 - Onboard SD-Card for data logging.

 - Microhard N920 Connector.

 - One Connector for all Signals.

 - Size 85mm*55mm

 - Height 35mm

 - Programming Connector.



 - Autonomous navigation for UAVs and UGVs

 - Inertial Measurement Unit

 - Processor Unit and data logger.


Mating Boards

 - ICE-100B interface

A small board to interface the Autopilot with the ICE-100B programmer.

 - Expansion board

This board split the signal from the Autopilot, to make it easier for trouble shooting and system design.




 - Ground Station

It’s a smaller board than the Autopilot, it have the BF548 as a processor, it support a lower IOs. It can be used as a system monitoring and wireless data transmitting/receiving.





Packaged Autopilot: