MARS Robotics
Ground Control Station


MARS Ground Control Station (GCS)

MARS Ground Station is a graphical interfaces which responsible to control and monitor the MARS UAV-System.

  • MPC555 processor and air data unit.
  • Up to two hour operation using internal battery (rechargeable)
  • GPS port for defining home position
  • Power specifications similar to Power card on Autopilot



  • Provision for manual override
  • Received Signal Strength Indication
  • Over two hour operation using internal battery (rechargable)
  • GPS port for defining home position
  • Power specifications similar to power card on autopilot



  • User optimized graphical interfaces with single click access.
  • User Account to have a secure flight data and configuration
  • Real time aircraft states display, as well as autopilot enable function and aircraft control surface deflection display.
  • Telemetry synchronization to within few milliseconds, can bind only the selected sensor telemetry windows.
  • Show the Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) with graphical interface, that show the level of the Signal   (poor, weak, strong), in addition the audio warning if the signal strength is weak.
  • Battery monitor for both AP and Motor batteries, if the value of the battery is getting low audio warning to show that the battery value is low.  
  •  Show AP status that it is currently running on the AP, one of the following: Prelunch, EngineOn, TakingOff, Hovering, flying, Loitering, coming home, Landing, EngineOff
  • Gain update  with provision to view actual aircraft  response for fine tuning of gain.
  • Auto-trim; trims aircraft automatically and saves settings.
  • Flight mission Save/ retrieve / delete / Send
  • Click and drag waypoints to easily add/delete waypoints to/from the interested map area.
  • In-flight mission reprogramming and waypoint uploading, each waypoint have the following fields: waypoint number, position, speed, action, time, direction of turn, loiter radius, loiter speed and payload.  
  • Add Rally/Land/Home waypoints
  • View the distance between each two waypoints in the flight mission
  • Calculate the estimated flight time, and show warning if it is exceed the allowed threshold time.
  • Measure the distance between any two points on the Map.
  • Customize telemetry to view only the needed fields
  • Artificial Horizon display with graphical interface
  • Satellite image to project  aircraft movement relative to earth in navigation coordinates, with audio warning if the number of GPS satellites is lower than 4 satellites
  • Telemetry data saving and parsing to excel sheet or MATLAB compatible file format. Only the user can save and view his configuration.


UAV Modes

  • Track waypoint
  • Flight time audio warning.
  • Replay the Flight record.
  • (Go to location), enable the user to go to specific location on the map by a single click
  • Failsafe setting; add constrains on the LossOffCommduringRCMode,  LossOffComm, NoGPSsignal, LowAPBattery, LowMotorBattery
  • Preflight checking (IMU, GPS, Laser, and AP & Motor Battery) then confirm the ready to flight message to the AP after the pilot authentication.
  • Priority messaging window with distinct warning sounds.
  • User configurable payload and advanced mode buttons.
  • Integration; Configuration, Warning, sensor and servo configuration screens.
  • Powerful precision data-logger. This feature allows the ground operator to store data log variables and information directly from the autopilot at a high rate (typical 25 Hz).The information can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel or MATLAB for analysis.