Drone mapping for precision agriculture

Timely awareness maximize your Farm yield.
Multispectral Images taken by MARSRobotics UAVs carry valuable information to make your farm yield profitable.

Our Drone can fight decease surgically with precision using our smart pesticide delivery system

Instant field Mapping with images from drone software
Instant mapping
Instantly create and process your maps while in the field all year round.
Spatial Awereness using images from drones
Spatial awareness
Convert drone images into precise and actionable maps.
Optimize workflow and operational Efficiency with agriculture mapping
Operational efficiency
Surgical Precision Pesticide delivery
Minimize wasted pesticide and save the environment using MARSRobotics Aerial delivery system

Case Study:

MARSRobotics Team conducted an aerial photography experiment for the Yamoun Place in Irbid-Jordan (Dec. 2018), Using Multispectral Camera for studying the nature of the land in this area, the purpose of this project was (Scientific Research).

MultiSpectral Camera


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index(NDVI)