Who Should Consider MARSRobotics LiDAR Solution: MARSRobotics Solution provides you with the full solution: Plan, Fly, Process, Visualize, and make informed decision. MARSRobotics UAVs are for all geomatics professionals in the construction, land development, engineering, surveying and research trades including:

  1. Corridor mapping.
  2. Mining industry.
  3. Construction site progress monitoring.
  4. Environmental changes (time series).
  5. Forestry.
  6. Contour mapping.
  7. Leveling/Excavation.
  8. Archaeology and cultural heritage
  9. Highway construction

MARSRobotics has developed end-to-end LiDAR solutions combining fixed wing and multirotor UAVs equipped with a LiDAR payload. We provide fully integrated software workflow, and world class support to consistently provide quality deliverables with least price with the customer satisfaction at the core of our business.