MARS-Robotics My Eye in the sky.

MARSRobotics Vision:

To be customers’ first-choice in providing World-Class UAV services and innovative products while leading Guidance and Control technologies to support UXV OEMs solutions in the region.
MARSRobotics® is divided into two main divisions:

1. MARSRobotics® Engineering with its mission: enables UxV OEMs to rapidly develop, price competitive, differentiated low cost and ITAR free systems solutions and services, while creating and maintaining their own intellectual property.

2. MARSRobotics® Remote Sensing with its mission: empowers our customers in implementing state of the art remote sensing solutions, High Accuracy workflows for construction inspection, surveying, aerial mapping, mining and public safety.

MARS Robotics team focus is to provide innovative autonomous robotic systems solutions for various applications. MARS Robotics is an OEM robotic technology for providing autonomous robotic solutions in the area of hardware, peripherals, networks, software, support, service, and training for various applications such as homeland security, surveillance, search and rescue, etc. Ultimately, we are providing ITAR free technology for control and guidance of robotic autonomous ground and aerial vehicles. MARS Robotics provides reliability, and confidence, and independence, and assurance its customers of continuous support and assures them that their business will not suffer any technology disaster for any unforeseen reason. MARS Robotics serves its clients as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. We make sure that our clients have what they need to run their business as well as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. Since many of our information applications are mission critical, we give our clients the confidence that we will be there when they need us. The size of UXV MARS Robotics is targeting are in the category of mini UAVs or UAVs class 0 which are effective for civil applications and this would allow MARS Robotics to cope with investments driven to the power of size as well as avoiding the restricted trade on the prohibitive military hardware market.

In summary, the products MARS Robotics provides:

  • Unmanned mini and short range aerial vehicles in the category of fixed wing, rotary wing, and hybrid vehicles for surveillance and other applications.
  • Provide system integration for aerial vehicles with key commercial autopilots such as Piccolo, Kestrel, and Micropilot for customers requiring surveillance platforms (aerial, ground, and surface applications.)
  • Provide technical support for autonomous systems integration, adaptation, procurement, and development.
  • MARS Robotics started development of its own daylight vision payload and planning on pursuing other vision payloads in the future.

  • Provide customer with state of the art Surveying and mapping solutions using photogrammetry, LIDAR, and other means to fully support customers’ needs in developing easy-to-use, end-to-end solutions that meet their requirements.
  • Use our engineering design capabilities in the areas UAVs (Drones) Navigation, Motion planning and control and Guidance systems integration and autopilots to provide costumer specific solutions.
  • Provide aerial surveillance for forest monitoring, pipeline monitoring, and search and rescue.
  • Be a regional leader in providing design & engineering expertise in autonomous robotic systems and sub-systems integration capabilities provide turnkey solutions in the area of unmanned systems for regional industry and world-wide.
  • Provide system integration capabilities to our customers to meet their special needs.
  • Be customers first choice in meeting their needs and beyond.
  • Provide training on system design and development.

  • MARSRobotics offers professional, customizable autopilots and integrated small to mid-sized UxV solutions for homeland security and civilian applications.
  • ITAR free hardware with an open architecture.
  • Rapidly create UxVs for Civilian Applications.
  • Reduce costs by 50-60% compared with competitor autopilots.
  • MARSRobotics offers industrial automation solutions enabling partners to rapidly create solutions to enhance their productivity and autonomy for any application and to differentiate their products from competitors;
  • Provide close customer (24/7) technical support.

  • National Heritage and Archaeological Sites mapping and documentation
  • Forest and environmental monitoring
  • Precision mapping and aerial photogrammetry, Urban planning and geomatics
  • Target tracking and registration
  • Payload delivery
  • Crowd control
  • Search and rescue missions
  • Tactical operations
  • Arson & Fire investigations and Emergency response
  • CBRNE – Chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosives
  • Border patrol and quick response team coordination

Dr. Mohammad Amin AL-Jarrah, PhD form Stanford University in 1989 in Aeronautics and Astronautics founded MARSRobotics in September 2013. Dr. Al-Jarrah is an unmanned vehicles systems expert with several UAV books and over 80 refereed publications in international journals and conferences. He supervised more than 30 Master Degree Students. He holds three Master degrees: Machine Design, Applied Mechanics, and Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University, California USA. He holds PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics form Stanford University too in 1989. Dr. Jarrah developed at NASA AMES the wind tunnel simulation of Dog Fights super maneuvers to high angles of attack funded by the Air Force of Scientific Research under contract no. 84-0099 and partially by NASA Ames Contract NCA2-287. First encounter with UAVs was at NASA AMES research Center in 1988. He worked as a member of the High Angle of Attack Working group on a UAV concept for testing fighter super Maneuvers in 1988 and was invited to NASA Langley research center to present his proposed design. Shortly after returning to Jordan in January of 1989 he started his drive with the armed forces of Jordan to establish an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Program. In 1992 was started his work with the airforce, one day per week, to establish the first in the Arab region UAV program. Dr. Jarrah served as the Director of JUST unmanned air-vehicle project in 1992-1997. He did many projects in the area of unmanned systems and industrial solutions in the area of automation and manufacturing for leading industries in the region: Jordan Armed Forces, Tawazun, Mubadala, Emirates Armed forces Research Center, Jordan Ports Authority, Gulf Aircraft Maintenance company (GAMCO) and many other institutions. Dr. Al- Jarrah is the leading scientist in the area of Autonomous Unmanned Systems in the region and the pioneer of Mechatronics systems education in the region. Dr. Jarrah was able to form an outstanding team of engineers to form the startup MARSRobotics. MARSRobotics team consists of thirteen full time young hardworking engineers working on the development of the advanced autopilot system hardware and software as well as the MARS-EYE project, system hardware-software development and integration, Ground Control Station Software and Hardware, Mission planning and control, etc. In addition MARSRobotics is investing in training limited number of young engineers selected based on performance. The team is supervised by a number of engineering faculty from Jordan university of Science and Technology. These faculty act as consultant and project advisors in the areas of embedded systems development, image processing, and autonomous solutions.

Prof. Mohammad Amin Al-Jarrah
General Manager / MARSRobotics® Founder
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Eng. Islam Al Jarrah Islam Al Jarrah received the B.S. degree in computer engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology Jordan, in 2005, the M.S. degree in computer engineering from American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in 2010. She worked as an Instructor at various Educational Institutions such as AUS and Institute of Applied Technology. She had 6 years of leadership and managerial Experience At Caracal and Higher Colleges of Technology as a Project Manager and Manager of Faculty Affairs. Currently she is working at MARSROBOTICS as an Executive Manager and Project Manager since February 2022.

Eng. Islam Al Jarrah
Executive Manager

MARSRobotics Expertes and Consultants

  • Professor of Computer Engineering
  • PhD (Ohio State University,1996).
  • Former President of Jordan University of Sciences and Technology, Jordan.
  • Founder of the JUST UAV project 1992-1998
  • Vice President for Planning and Development, Arab Open University, Kuwait

  • PhD (Management Information Technology, Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, USA, 2010).
  • Dean, King Talal School of Business Technology, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman - Jordan.
  • Executive Director of Queen Rania Center for entrepreneurship.

  • PhD (Computer Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, USA, 2007).
  • Associate Professor of Computer Engineering, Jordan University of Sciences and Technology, Jordan.
  • FPGAs Design and Development.

  • PhD (Computer Engineering, Oakland University, USA 2011).
  • Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Amman - Jordan.
  • Embedded System Design Expert.

  • PhD (Geomatics Engineering/ Digital Imaging System, University of Calgary, Canada, 2016).
  • Assistant Professor of Geomatics Engineering & Remote Sensing, Yarmouk University, Irbid – Jordan.

  • B.S. degree in computer engineering from Yarmouk University, Jordan, in 2005.
  • M.S. degree in computer engineering from The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, in 2008.
  • Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates, in 2016.

  • BA Survey Engineer from Ecole Nationale des Sciences Geographic/France 1981-1984.
  • Head of Geographic Data Management / GIS section in Royal Jordanian Geographic Center (1984-1999).
  • GIS - Expert in Aqaba Region Authority (1999_2002).
  • Head of GIS Directorate in Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (2002- 2019).