MARS Engineering devision

Enables UxV OEMs to rapidly develop, price competitive, differentiated low cost and ITAR free systems solutions and services, while creating and maintaining their own intellectual property.

MARSrobotics Autopilot System consits of the Airborne flight control systems integrated with Airdata and the GPS/INS avionics. Also, it consits of the data link and the power distribution and monitoring electronics.
The ground system which consits of the Ground Control Station hardware with the datalink transceivers and the embedded GCS software. The GCS is connected to the groundstation computer and the groundstation operator interface software through RS232/USB ports.

MARS Autopilot V2.0 is a high performance board, can be used in wide range for unmanned systems specially and many others systems(like: data logging, and systems controlling ...). MARS Autopilot V2.0 has a lot of capability and can be used under rigged area, it’s also has a high performance processor (Up to 533 MHz), MARSRobotics Team has built a MATLAB toolbox for the processor, its support many peripheral (like: DIO, UART, SPI, PWM and CAN).MARS Autopilot V2.0, has its own IMU and GPS module also others sensor and wireless communication module.

The same features of MARS-FLY

Coming Soon,,,

MARSRobotics Developed GPS/INS Solution (MARS-NAV) which is applicable for all autonomous Vehicles (Aerial and Ground).